IoPP Webinar: Annex 1 and USP 1207: Package Inspection Methods for Quality and Compliance

Annex 1 and USP 1207 - Package Inspection Methods for Quality and Compliance

Thursday, January 18
11AM - 12PM (EST) 

Join us for our enlightening webinar on the intricate relationship between USP 1207 and Annex 1 in the context of sterile medical product packaging.

Published in 2017, USP 1207 revolutionized container closure integrity testing with its focus on deterministic methods. Fast forward to August 2023, and Annex 1 has become a pivotal regulatory mandate in sterile manufacturing, with specific implications for packaging professionals like you.

In this webinar you'll get:

  • Insights on USP 1207 and Annex from Packaging Technologies & Inspection CEO Oliver Stauffer.
  • A balanced interpretation of these methods, clarifying their distinct yet complementary guidelines and highlighting the freedom they offer for practical application.
  • Strategies for meeting sterile manufacturing requirements, including sampling, batch sizes, and aligning with traditional microbial standards as per Annex 1.

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Oliver Stauffer
CEO, Packaging Technologies & Inspection

Oliver Stauffer is Chief Executive Officer at Packaging Technologies & Inspection. He focuses on package integrity and seal quality assurance for the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Oliver has extensive knowledge of inspection methods for food, pharmaceutical and medical device products. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and an MBA in International Business Management from the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

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