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Our Chapters


Regional Vice Presidents: Doug Compton, CPPL, Fellow and Chris DeJardin, CPPL, Fellow
Regional Vice President: Katie Ott
Regional Vice President: Tom Seymour, CPP
Regional Vice President: TBD
Regional Vice President: Alberto Friedman
Regional Vice President: Dean Maune
Regional Vice President: Dan Nicely

Our Technical Committees

The Chemical Packaging Committee (CPC) consists of over 70 member companies and associations from the Chemical Industry. Each company is engaged in the manufacture, packaging, or distribution of chemicals.

CPC provides a leadership forum through a broad and diverse representation of the chemical industry by:
  • Proactive participation in regulation formulation for local, national, and global events
  • Development and distribution of position papers about industry issues to CPC members, regulatory bodies, and others
  • Providing professional development materials to CPC members
  • Embracing safe and sustainable best practices
  • Responding to industry trends and CPC member needs
  • Maintaining subcommittees for specific areas of interest, including:
    - Regulation and Legislation
    - Drum, Pail, and Intermediate Bulk Containers
    - Bag, Box, and Bottles
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The Food Safety Alliance for Packaging (FSAP) is a group of individuals from food companies and the food packaging supply chain dedicated to raising food quality and safety awareness for the food packaging industry.

FSAP discusses food packaging topics during a bi-monthly call. In addition, there is a yearly face-to-face meeting.
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The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Labeling Committee (PMDLC), founded in 2005, is organized to communicate package label design, development and related issues of the pharmaceutical industry. The group originated in 1995 as the Electronic Artwork Task Force (EATF). PMDLC currently has approximately 50 members, representing 23 member companies.

Our mission
To openly review and discuss current and emerging non-proprietary information related to materials, equipment, technologies, regulatory compliance, quality control and environmentally responsible packaging and to use it to foster improvements in package labeling which will achieve the highest quality standards.

Our strategic plan
PMDLC will achieve its objectives through the following:
  • Committee meetings, participation in Q&A sessions, roundtable discussions, and technical or organizational presentations.
  • Education seminar presentations throughout the industry and at educational institutions.
  • Technical presentations and plant tours of corresponding hosts or host companies.
Our charter
PMDLC is organized to study labeling issues related to pharmaceutical packaging operations and related problems in the drug and pharmaceutical industry. Its objective is to study technical advances in labeling and the regulatory issues facing its membership. The information solicited by the Committee at meetings is restricted to scientific and technical aspects of pharmaceutical labeling.
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The Sustainable Packaging Technical Committee (SPTC) aims to communicate and educate IoPP members on all aspects of current and emerging issues related to sustainable packaging.

The SPTC leadership has developed a list of relevant topics and is looking for input from our members. This input will help us identify where to concentrate our efforts as we create a library of training and learning modules.
Topics identified include:
  • Definitions of sustainability and circular economy
  • Business topics around Triple Bottom Line and ESG commitments
  • Packaging impact on climate, LCA, LCI and carbon credits
  • Bio/Compost- materials and end of life
  • Recycling - Definitions of PCR, mechanical, chemical, and recyclable Vs. recycled
  • Labeling-FTC green guides and How-2-Recycle
  • Regulation-EPR, PCR mandates
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The Technical Bag Committee (TBC) provides a forum for members to advance professional development, exchange technical information, present innovative products and services, network with industry leaders, stay abreast of technology trends / regulations, and ultimately, continuously improve the products we market.

Our vision
TBC is recognized as the leading expert group in the body of knowledge related to shipping bags - sharing knowledge and ideas through a network of manufacturers, users and shippers to advance commercial bag applications through technological innovation.

Committee scope
  • Paper, multiwall, and textile bags
  • Single and multiply polymer bags
  • Flexible intermediate bulk containers
  • Manufacturing, filling, and handling equipment
  • Innovative construction materials
  • Safety
  • Membership
TBC is open to anyone interested in topics within the committee's scope. Typical membership functions consist of packaging engineers, purchasing agents or managers, technical support or sales staff, product developers, regulatory experts, and trade or technical councils.
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