Our consultants understand the intricate demands of the packaging landscape and are equipped with a wealth of experience to address your specific needs. Whether you're seeking solutions for sustainability, logistics, design, or compliance, our consultants offer comprehensive guidance to propel your packaging initiatives forward. 

Access a network of dedicated experts at the forefront of packaging innovations, evolving regulations, and packaging industry best practices - ensuring you receive the most informed and practical guidance.


The mission of the Packaging Consultants Council is to provide value to IoPP members and to the packaging industry by enhancing our individual member performance and contributions as packaging consultants.

The vision of the Packaging Consultants Council is to:

  • Provide differentiation between professional and casual consultants.
  • Establish strong ethical standards among professional packaging consultants.
  • Increase professionalism in the packaging consulting field.
  • Improve the professional image of packaging consultants.
  • Provide information and tools to assist companies in identifying qualified experts.
  • Increase member performance by complying with Standards of Ethical Conduct.
  • Build and share professional networks; discover new industry technology and resources.

Members of the Packaging Consultants Council adhere to the following code of ethics:

  • Consultants shall, to the best of their ability, protect the safety, health, and welfare of the public and the client in the fulfillment of their professional duties, and will refuse assignments rather than compromise personal standards of integrity.

  • Consultants will accept only those contracts in which they have complete competence.

  • Consultants will not simultaneously accept assignments from two competitive clients, without the knowledge and consent of both parties.

  • Consultants will treat all information relating to the business affairs of a client as confidential, including the client's anonymity (if requested).

  • Consultants will conduct business in a professional and dignified manner, and will uphold the honor and integrity of the packaging consulting professional, opposing incompetent consultation and the design of deceptive or misleading packages.

  • Consultants will pursue continued professional development in packaging to provide clients with state-of-the-art advice, contribute effort and funds to the furtherance of packaging technology, and share experience and knowledge with other members of the profession.

  • Consultants will provide services to only one client in the conduct of a project. In the event the consultant perceives a potential conflict of interest, all relevant parties are made aware of the potential conflict and do agree to the consultant's participation.

  • Consultants will remain truthful and forthright in observations and recommendations to the public, clients and vendors.

  • Consultants will make clear the significance and limitations of reported findings and make every effort to prevent the misuse or misrepresentations of such documentation.

  • Consultants will at all times interact with clients and other packaging consultants in a professional manner befitting the status of the Council, avoiding any nonprofessional communications, personal attacks, dissemination of confidential information, and grossly offensive or unprofessional e-mails or postings.
If you believe your consultant has violated the above, please contact us.


How and when should I use a packaging consultant?
  • Decide what you need
    • Determine the nature and scope of the assignment and what the consultant is expected to achieve.

  • Submit a Request for Information
    • Fill out our form with details about the specific expertise you need, and we'll match you with the right consultant(s).

  • Conduct a preliminary assessment
    • After receiving our reccomendation,conduct a preliminary assessment of the most promising candidate(s).

  • Interview the candidate(s)
    • Speak with candidates online or in person.
    • If the candidate is a Packaging Consulants Council member, you can be sure that s/he is a professional packaging consultant and has passed a rigorous membership review process.
    • If the candidate is not a member of the Packaging Consulants Council, If the candidate is not a member of the Council, verify that s/he has not just packaging experience, but packaging consulting experience as well.
    • Find out if the candidate is an active, professional consultant, or a moonlighter or unemployed packaging professional doing a little consulting between jobs.
    • Make sure that the consultant is, in fact, an objective, independent consultant and not a vendor or manufacturer's representative who calls himself a consultant.

  • Ask questions
    - What types of projects has the firm worked on in the past?
    - How long has the firm been in operation?
    - What size company does the firm most frequently work with?
    - How big is the firm?
    - How are fees typically determined?
    - How many of the consultant's accounts are repeat business?
    • Professional packaging consultants are happy and proud to discuss their professional experience, offer references, and supply any information needed to help you make your decision.
    • Suggested questions include:

  • Request a proposal
    • After finshing the interview process, request a project proposal from the chosen consultant.
    • Make sure the final proposal contains the following:
      - A well-defined Scope of Work
      - A list of services to be provied
      - A description of all fees and a fee schedule section
      Note: Resist the temptation to base your decision on price alone rather than value.

I've found a consultant. Now what?
  • Introduce the consultant to your staff or anyone else who might be involved in the project(s).
  • Stay in communication with the consultant throughout the project.