Application Procedure

Application Procedure


New members qualifying under Article III (see Rules and Regulations) may be elected following applicaiton to the membership and a subsequent majority vote on their behalf. The application and election procedure will be as follows: 

  • The secretary will review any applications received formembership (both regular member and alternate) formembership requirements as stated previously underArticle III and review with the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Committee. Any questions regarding the application wil be researched by the officers. 
  • The secretary will present the application to the membership at the next regular meeting of the committee. 
  • The committee will vote on the application. A simplemajority is required to approve a membershhip application. Once approved, the member will attend the next meeting and subsequent meetings with full membership status. 
  • Alternate members are not automatically elected to full membership upon the vacating of that membership by the regular
    member. When such a vacancy occurs, an alternate member may submit an application to become the regular member by meeting the requirements of Article III and IV of the Rules and Regulations of this Committee. 
Completed applications should be forwarded to Dennis Kanemori at dennis.kanemori@astrazeneca.com or Randy Thackrey at randythackrey@lilly.com.

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