Fundamentals of Packaging Technology Online Course

Fundamentals of Packaging Technology - Online Course

Packaging Education at Your Fingertips.
Answering the growing demand for education on your time, at your own pace, and from wherever you are, IoPP is launching its first series of online packaging courses.

Online Fundamentals of Packaging Technology
Starting with Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, IoPP's online program includes 42 prerecorded Fundamentals modules and more than 27 hours of content. Each narrated session begins with an overview and ends with both a review and a quiz, enabling you to test your information retention of key information presented in the lesson.

Web-based education allows the ability to customize your learning experience
You have instant access to the Fundamentals curriculum without having to travel to in-person classes! Online Fundamentals (and other upcoming IoPP courses to be announced shortly) enables you to take either the entire seminar or select and pay for only the modules you want and complete lessons as your schedule allows.

Take courses - at your own pace - from your home, your office - anywhere you have a computer! Available 24/7!
Besides the convenience of “anywhere, anytime” education, online courses also offer the ability for you to select only the training you need. A click-and-buy feature enables lessons to be selected a la carte. You can also choose from bundled packaged lessons.

(All 42 modules and 27 hours of content)

Standard price: $3,825. Elite Member: $3,060. Premium Member: $3,440. Regular Member: $3,630. 

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Need to bundle lessons according to a single topic? Lesson Bundles are available grouped by topic. View Lesson Bundles and costs.

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Create your company's own "Packaging University"
IoPP can customize a private, online learning portal for your entire packaging team that provides standardized training and peer-created content on packaging technology basis. Get details.

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