Inaugural Australasia CPP recipient Pierre Pienaar.

CPP designation achieves global recognition

The Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) designation is being recognized as the packaging industry's leading professional mark of excellence on an international scale.

In a recently announced partnership between IoPP and the Australian Institute of Packaging, the CPP program is on its way to becoming the global gold standard of broad packaging proficiency under a program in which AIP members will join qualifying IoPP members as being eligible for certification. The CPP program, a trademark of IoPP, was launched 1972.

CPP is a designation some of the leading packaging companies in the world want their influential team members to have because it demonstrates broad competency in all major areas of packaging. CPPs today typically enjoy more senior, decision-making positions in their companies, and research also suggests that holders of CPP often out-earn their non-certified peers. And, as the CPP program expands globally, packaging professionals will be able to speak a common language around the world.

AIP recently announced Pierre Pienaar, FAIP, CPP, as the inaugural recipient of the CPP designation in Australasia. Pienaar sees the designation as a worldwide handshake between packaging experts.

“What I like about the CPP program is that it helps the international packaging fraternity to better understand the level of knowledge and expertise that you truly have in the packaging field," Pienaar said. "The CPP designation is also based on current skills and expertise, as each candidate requires recertification every 3 years. The CPP Program ensures that candidates are regularly keeping abreast of current packaging trends, innovations and knowledge and the program ensures that packaging technologists are on the same level playing field globally."

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