Judging Criteria 

Beverages, Alcoholic

Packaging used for spirits, pre-mixed alcoholic beverages.

Review Criteria

Beverages, Non Alcoholic

Packaging used for dry, powdered or liquid beverages not containing alcohol including mixers.

Review Criteria


Packaging used for cosmetic products.

Review Criteria
Design Excellence

Any package demonstrating innovation; the design structure is integrated to coordinate the product's value; reflects important new marketing strategies.

Review Criteria

Drug & Pharmaceutical

Packages used for prescriptions, over the counter, medicines, nutraceuticals or botanical supplements.

Review Criteria
Electronics Packaging for computers, telecommunications equipment, stereos, TV, radio, phone, mobile electronics, tablets, photographic and scientific instruments. Review Criteria

Food, Frozen

Any food package available in a frozen format regardless of sales channel.

Review Criteria

Food, Refrigerated

Any food package available in a refrigerated format regardless of sales channel.

Review Criteria

Food, Shelf Stable

Any food package available in a shelf stable format regardless of sales channel.

Review Criteria

Health & Beauty Aids

Packaging used for toiletries, fragrances, soaps, hair & skin care, dental care, shaving, etc.

Review Criteria

Household Products

Packaging used for products used in the home such as detergents, hardware, paint, solvents, lubricants, insecticides, gardening supplies (plants, decorations & furniture) and pet care products (food and grooming) and automotive products.

Review Criteria


Packaging not intended for retail distribution including inter/intra plant and regulated packaging.

Review Criteria

Medical Device

Packages used for medical devices, including surgical supplies, diagnostic products and equipment.

Review Criteria

Packaging that Saves Food

Agriculture: Packaging systems/format used to contain and distribute fresh produce from farm to wholesale market and/or retail outlet.; Food Service: Packaging systems/format used to contain and distribute food into foodservice establishments; Retail: Packaging system/format used to contain, protect and distribute food from manufacturer to retail shelf and then through to consumer use (e.g., in household, on-the-go).

Review Criteria


Any package intended for promotion of products (sample packs, seasonal packaging, point of purchase display.

Review Criteria

Sustainable Packaging

Any package that reduces environmental impact, evaluates efficient energy usage or recycling efforts; and an effective use of reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials.

Review Criteria


Packaging not covered in a category above.

Review Criteria

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