2020 Honors & Awards

Congratulations to the 2020 Winners of IoPP’s Member Honors and Awards
Distinguished IoPP Members who volunteer their time to the Institute deserve recognition. IoPP recognizes its members' contributions with the following awards:

College of Fellows Member - Conferred by the Board of Directors as recognition for special and outstanding contributions and service to the field of packaging. No more than one Fellow for every 1,000 current members may be approved by the Board in any one year. Such contributions and service should typify the knowledge, skills and conduct of the dedicated professional.  Each nominee shall have been a member in good standing for an uninterrupted period of at least 15 years and have a current designation of CPP.

The 2020 College of Fellows Member Award goes to:

Rebecca Oesterle, CPPL, Fellow, chair, IoPP Board of Directors; IoPP member since 2005

Oesterle’s in-depth experience leading teams in package engineering with two major consumer goods companies has given her a strong depth of knowledge that she has used to create strong, durable packaging to protect various products, with an understanding of both structural and graphic elements.  This experience has also allowed her to be a useful volunteer and mentor for others in the profession. She has held many IoPP board positions over the years in the St. Louis/Gateway Chapter including Board Chair and immediate past president. Currently, Oesterle serves as chair on the IoPP National Board of Directors.


Honorary Life Member - Conferred by the Board of Directors as recognition for special and outstanding contribution and service to the Institute. Nominees shall be a member in good standing for an uninterrupted period of at least 25 years and, if having served as an officer of the Institute, remained active in promoting the objectives and purposes of the Institute for a minimum of three years following such service.

The 2020 Honorary Life Member Award goes to:

Don Appleton, senior packaging engineer, Harris RF Communications; IoPP member since 1997

As a packaging professional for over 35 years, Appleton has contributed to the packaging industry as a designer, engineer and leader. Throughout his career, he has always remained close to the technical and scientific foundations of the craft with an understanding of the relationship between the product and the package. Appleton built a packaging department from the ground up at Harris RF Communications with vision and passion for the value that good package design and implementation brings to the supply chain. At the same time, he was able to incorporate a focus on sustainability for packaging and other technical functional areas within the company. Appleton has been a long-standing member of IoPP’s Western New York chapter, holding leadership positions, remaining involved on the board and coaching students through the mentoring program.

Beth Feldkamp, CPP, Fellow, senior packaging engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; IoPP member since 1980

Feldkamp is known to those who work with her as IoPP’s biggest cheerleader, encouraging all of her packaging industry connections to join. She has also been an active member of ISTA's Rack Transport Stability Team and lead the effort to develop and conduct an international focus-group testing of six new handling icons for approved use on top-heavy packages.


Rising Leader Member - Conferred by the Board of Directors as recognition for rising packaging professionals. Each nominee shall have been a member in good standing for an uninterrupted period of at least three years but no more than 10 years.

The 2020 Rising Leader Member Award winners are:

Lynne Barton, manager, CeraTek sales, SencorpWhite; IoPP member since 2012

Barton is the current president of IoPP’s New England Chapter, as well as the co-chair of IoPP’s Programs and Events Committee. Recently, she submitted and achieved the criteria for her chapter to receive the IoPP Chapter Excellence Award in 2020 and has raised significant sponsorship funds for yearly scholarships to a local university and the IoPP national Packaging Education Scholarship Fund. Within the packaging industry, Barton promotes her own company’s products and innovations while consistently bolstering IoPP’s value to her industry connections, encouraging them to become members. 

Sridhar Srinivasan, co-founder/CEO, Web Plastics Company; IoPP member since 2011

Srinivasan is the current president of IoPP’s Gulf Coast Chapter. He quickly realized the potential of growth for his chapter within the petrochemical based packaging industry, given Houston is the hub for the world’s largest petrochemical companies. In an effort to expand Gulf Coast chapter’s presence, Srinivasan began approaching students from the packaging school at University of Houston and past members who had discontinued their membership with IoPP. By profession, he is an experienced packaging engineer who has travelled to over 50 countries to develop a market for packaging products and believes one of his life’s purposes is to be able to give back to the packaging industry.

More information about our Member Honors and Awards Program can be found here.


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