IoPP is dedicated to serving the professional development needs of the packaging community, offering programs that give professionals the tools they need to grow their careers and increase their value within their organizations. What it takes to survive, and thrive, in today's competitive environment is a solid base of knowledge across all areas of packaging. Exploring professional development opportunities through education demonstrate your commitment to a lifetime of learning by broadening your expertise and helping you stay on the cutting edge in your field.
IoPP's Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course and Packaging Machinery: Basics seminar are recognized by the World Packaging Organisation for quality of content and instruction.
  • Fundamentals of Packaging Technology
    The essential course, this four-semester program offers insight into all of the major packaging material types and processes. Semesters include information on decorating, labeling, protective packaging, closures and machinery—a thorough exploration of Packaging 101.
  • Fundamentals of Medical Device Packaging 
    This new course teaches the basics of medical device packaging, including materials used for sterile barrier packaging, systems design, manufacturing packaging, qualifying equipment and validating processes, quality/regulatory requirements and more. The course is taught in-person at MD&M West in Anaheim, California.
  • In-House Packaging Training
    Continuing education "at your place"...when travel budgets are tight, our custom in-house training is a cost-effective solution...for groups of at least 8-10 people. Opt for the full Fundamentals of Packaging Technology program, or select only those modules that deliver the most value to your team. We will send our instructors to teach at your facility.
  • Packaging Machinery: Basics
    This course offers a unique combination of classroom and hands-on learning with an eye toward reconciling packaging development with machine capabilities.
  • Certified Packaging Professional Designation
    Since 1972, IoPP has awarded qualified applicants the designation “Certified Packaging Professional (CPP).”  To date, 1,500+ packaging professionals have attained CPP status. And with good reason. The most recent IoPP salary survey revealed that CPPs earn between 7% and 10% more than their non-certified co-workers! Candidates achieve the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) designation by demonstrating significant industry expertise and experience, measured through a flexible applicant testing process.


  • Fundamentals of Packaging Project Management - NEW!
    Unlock the skills that top-level directors and senior managers are looking for! In just five hours, this online course helps you master the art of project management tailored to packaging requirements. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, our course empowers you to manage packaging projects confidently and with finesse. 
  • Fundamentals of Packaging Technology
    Starting with Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, online learning options are available now. Take courses at your own pace - from your home, your office - anywhere you have a computer. 24/7 access!
  • IoPP Webinars
    Scheduled throughout the year, our web-based seminars feature industry experts offering insights on up-to-the-minute packaging topics.

For more information about any of our educational programs, contact Director of Education, Jim George